BOOBS: 6 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know

Some are large, some are small but whatever the size, you just gotta love them. Here are some amazing facts you possibly didn’t already know about your bouncing orbs .


Not all boobs are created equal.  You may seek perfection but most people have one boob larger than the other.  It’s perfectly normal and scientific studies seem to point to the left boob being generally larger.  It gives a whole new meaning to, ‘take my best side’!

Rich men like small boobies. According to a study carried out by Psychology Today in 2013, poorer men are significantly more attracted to women with large breasts.  The survey showed that the lower a man’s socio-economic status, the more he looked for larger breasted women who may be fatter and therefore have more plentiful resources to help him out.  By comparison, the richer a man was, the more he preferred smaller breasted women. In a second study leading on from this, hungry men were also found to prefer larger breasts.

What’s in a name? Hooters, jugs, sweater-stretchers, puppies, the Urban Dictionary has over 99 different words for boobs. It would seem that the world over we are fascinated by these beautiful lady lumps and we name them all kinds of crazy things.

Size does matter. The largest bra size is an L and the smallest is a triple A. Size L only became available in 2011 so we’re not sure what those blessed with huge boobs did before then. The average cup size in the US has grown since 1983 from 34B to a whopping 34DD but according to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest natural boobs ever recorded belong to Annie Hawkins.  She’s a size 48V, gulp!

To squeeze or not to squeeze? Regular breast squeezing can reduce the risk of breast cancer. According to a study carried out at Berkley, the physical pressure exerted by squeezing breasts can help to slow down and even stop cancer and prolong healthy cell life. As if men needed an excuse right?

You may be getting it wrong. Approximately 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra.  Our breast size changes with age and hormonal fluctuations; so do your boobs a favor and get them measured now and then. If your back bra strap does not run parallel to your waist band, it’s probably time for a change.







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