3 Killer Exercises To Burn Stomach Fat


Seek medical advice if you currently have or previously had, back problems and/or surgery.


Lie on your back on an even surface, using a non-slip workout mat or towel. Bend your knees and press your back into the floor.  As you do this you will automatically tip your pelvis a little, until it feels level and comfortable. Hold in your stomach muscles and place your hands behind your head. Note: the hands are to support the head and should never pull on the neck. Gently raise your back off the floor towards your bent knees.  When you reach your full extension, hold the position for a count of three and then lower yourself back to the floor.  Note: you should remain in control throughout the exercise. Do not let you body ‘fall’ back to the floor.

situps plan

A modification to this exercise is to lift your legs from the floor. Keep your knees bent and once again curl up towards your elevated knees. For better abdominal definition, try crossing one knee over the other and twisting as you come up.



This exercise is very similar to a basic stomach curl.  Assume the same position for the basic curl, but this time when you come up hold yourself in that position at a 45° angle and use your stomach muscles to rock back and forth five times. This should be a gentle motion, working your abdominals hard. Lower yourself back to the ground, controlling your descent, rest for a count of five and repeat 5-10 times.


Leg scissors

Lie flat on your back on an even surface, using a non-slip workout mat or towel. Raise both legs in the air and engage your abdominal muscles. In order to engage effectively you should pull your stomach muscles in towards your back and try to hold them tight. Starting with your right leg, keep your leg straight and lower it towards the ground. Once your heel is a few inches from the floor, hold it there for a count of five and then return it to the upright position. Repeat with your left leg doing 3-5 reps for each leg.


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